Parasailing again

We finally went parasailing.

spoiler alert: we didn’t get killed

We did this when we were in Nassau last week.

I wrote before about how I felt about this (parasailing). To summarize, I’m not a big fan and didn’t want to go. But I’d feel like a jerk if Pam died alone.

Pam booked the parasailing adventure for 9:30am. We were the only ones on this trip. Everyone else was having a leisurely breakfast. We were met at the pier and led to a somewhat rickety motorboat that could hold about 8 passengers. There were 2 men on the boat – Captain Edison and Captain Big Earl. They looked very professional.

They got the boat to an open area of the water. They then stopped the boat and unravelled the sail. The wind caught the sail and put some tension on the ropes. Pam and I put on our harnesses and then our harnesses were attached to the sail so that we were standing side by side. The crew then let out the rope and we slowly rose into the air.

Eventually, they let out about 450 feet of rope. (I don’t think the angle was ever more than 45 degrees…squared…divide by 2…square root…) Maybe 310-320 feet high.

As we watched the boat, we saw that it was bounced around a lot by the water but we didn’t feel any of that. It was very smooth and the wind wasn’t as buffety as I’d expected. It was pretty calm and quiet. Pam talked about beautiful this, majestic that and glorious the other thing.

The sail was steady enough that my fear of heights didn’t kick in. I just don’t give a sh1t about aerial views.


Apparently it’s obligatory to dip folks’ feet in the water before reeling them back in. I should’ve worn a swimsuit.


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