On Representing the English Race

I’ve got an accent.

According to Brits, my accent is either “not very English” or “not the least bit English” or “American”.

Americans have a broader range of opinion – from “Really? You’re English?” to “Wow! You’re really English!” to “What? I can’t understand your accent”.

When I’ve been identified as being English, some folks think that everything that I do is the English way.

Examples cited are:

  • Accent. Yes
  • The way I hold a knife and fork. Yes
  • Doctor Who fan. Yep
  • My English walk. Wait… What?

Apparently, I have a distinctive walk. A friend of mine said that he saw me arriving and he said to himself, “Here comes Steve, walking his English walk.” I tried to explain that my way of walking had more to do with my stumpy little legs than my place of birth. I don’t think that I convinced him.

It made me nervous for a while. Was everything I do a reflection on all Brits? Was I putting my coat on in the correct English manner? Does the fact that I couldn’t give a rat’s a55 about the British royal family mean that no Brits couldĀ give a rat’s a55 about the British royal family?

And with this power, is there a way that I could make money from it?

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