The New Shed

After letting the old shed rot for 15 years, we decided to get a new one. Because we’d recently discovered that sheds aren’t allowed to be within 10 feet of the neighbor’s property line, we couldn’t put it where the old one is. We found a new spot adjacent-ish to the old one.

The new shed is 12 by 8 feet, just like the old one. While the old shed had doors in the short wall, the new one has doors in the wider wall. I’m hoping that this will make for less climbing over things to get to other things.

A friend of ours, Art, is in the construction business. Art recommended that we build a decent platform to put the shed on. On Art’s advice, I got 7 12 foot long 4 by 6s. I laid them evenly spaced in a 12 by 8 rectangle. Then I set them in a level plane. I’d thought that I’d already hated leveling in dirt but that was only speculation. Now I really hate leveling in dirt.

When Pam had ordered the shed, she’d asked for concrete leveling blocks. Since I’d already built the foundation, we didn’t really need them but that didn’t stop the installer. He put the concrete leveling blocks on top of the foundation and then built the shed on top of that. This put the shed an extra foot in the air. At least it would make Cooper think twice before he jumped up to look for food in there. We’d also need one hell of a ramp to get the lawn mower and wheelbarrow in there. When Art came by, he said “That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen” or something like that.

Art offered to fix it somehow. He asked us how we’d feel if we came home one day and found the shed sitting properly on the foundation. We said “grateful”.

A few days later, we came home and found the shed sitting nicely on the foundation that I’d built.

Pam and I are grateful.

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