Second World Problems – Handedness and tablets

I recently got a Samsung Tab 4 10.1. I like it mostly except for the external navigation buttons. On most android tablets, the switch, home, and back buttons are part of the screen and I kept hitting them when I didn’t intend to. These buttons are on the bottom of the tablet when I hold it in landscape mode.
However,  I usually hold the tablet in portrait mode. For a while, I was holding it with the buttons on the left side. I found that my left thumb was constantly brushing the back button and undoing whatever I was about. After a while, I started holding the tablet with the buttons on the right side and I only touched the buttons when I intended to. Life was good.
Except when I handed the tablet to Pam. She’d pick up the tablet with her right hand and it’s like a magnet drew her thumb to the back button.
She was getting pretty frustrated with herself until I pointed out the problem. My solution to the external button problem was good only for southpaws – it only made the problem worse for the right handed majority.

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