About 2 years ago, I heard about a .1k run. I’d a reasonable idea of what a kilometer was and struggled to figure out how far one tenth of it was. At the end of some multiplying, dividing, and carrying the one I had an answer. It was the correct answer but I then remembered that 1k is 1000m which leads to .1k = 100m = 1 Canadian football field.

The race was put on by a couple of bars downtown – Hop Cat and McFadden’s. The race is from one bar to the other. According to Google Maps, the bars are 295 feet apart. The thought is that they’ll raise money for their charity without killing off their customers. There are prizes for heaviest racer, oldest finisher and the like. There’s even a water station halfway between the bars so that people don’t get dehydrated. They wanted a beer station but that would be illegal.

For me, the main thing was to get a sticker for my car that says “.1k”. I like to park next to other cars with stickers that say “25k”, “13.1” and “26.2”.

The next race starts at noon on Saturday October 18, 2014.
I’m training for it now.

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