The Circle of Life

Back when “The Lion King” came out, it caused an argument at work. I wasn’t there but I heard about it.
There were 2 players in the argument at the lunch table – Ignatius and Karl.
Ignatius was a christian literalist who loudly did whatever his church told him. Karl was a crotchety man who often went out of his way to be irritable.
At the time, Ignatius was telling everyone at the lunch table that neither he nor his family would ever watch “The Lion King” because his pastor told him that the “Circle of Life” song was about reincarnation.
Karl disagreed, saying that the song was more about the food chain than reincarnation.
After a while, it became apparant that Ignatius’s pastor hadn’t even seen the movie. Ignatius’s rebutal was that this is exactly the kind of thing that he’d come to expect from Karl.

I don’t think they were talking about the movie any more.

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