Push Party

Some friends/neighbors of ours, I’ll call them George and Gloria Goodman, have been having difficulties with their next door neighbor who I’ll call Mister Friendly. Mister Friendly had a history of antagonizing the Goodmans and pretty much everyone else.

After another dispute, Mister Friendly ‘discovered’ that the Goodman’s shed was only 7 or 8 feet away from Friendly’s property line. Our township requires that structures such as sheds need to be 10 feet away neighbors’ property lines. Mister Friendly called the township and complained. The township then let the Goodmans know that they had to move their shed.

We never established the nature of the harm that befell Mister Friendly due to the shed’s proximity. We also wondered why this wasn’t a problem 20 years ago when the shed was first put up.

The Goodmans invited friends and neighbors over to help shift the shed the required distance. Gloria called it a “Push Party”. Debbie Delta (you might remember her from Cruising) dropped off some metal tubes to make moving easier. George emptied the shed so that it would be less difficult to shift. The Goodman’s son, let’s go with Gerald, arrived early with a couple of burly friends who started digging, lifting and shifting as soon as they got there. George had to stop them because there’d be nothing for everyone else to do when they showed up.

When I showed up at the appointed time, there was a space dug out for the shed to move to and the shed was sitting in it. It was a bit cockeyed but there was some levering and pushing and stuffing of shims and soon the shed was level and confirmed to be more than 10 feet away from Mister friendly’s property line. By the time I found a spot where I could insert myself, backs were patted and bottles were opened.

I never actually touched the shed.

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