‘Fred’ huh?

A few days ago, I put up a post named Men! that discussed a coworker. I’d called him Fred to protect his privacy. On the next working day, another coworker, I’ll call him Kevin, greeted me with “‘Fred’ huh?”

This was Kevin’s way of letting me know that he’d decrypted my secret.

This left me in a bit of a pickle. While I hadn’t intended that this be a big secret, I didn’t want to be obvious. I’d meant for the post to make fun of me, not Fred. I certainly didn’t want people coming up to me and asking about <Fred’s real name>.  On top of that, I hadn’t told Fred about any of this.

What to do? The first thing to do was take down the Facebook post before more coworkers asked me about Fred. Or, worse yet, ask me about <Fred’s real name>.

The second thing to do was let Fred know about this. I felt a lot more awkward about this than Fred. After I filled him in, I showed him the post. Luckily, Fred liked it and thought it was funny.


I hope Kevin likes this one.

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