Always be careful who you ask directions from

Attention grammar natzies: I don’t care about the title. I’m not gonna use “whom” in a title. I don’t care about ending sentences with a preposition either. I’m writing this in America for god’s sake!

Pam and I were sitting in the lobby of a beauticians (I know – don’t ask). I saw that one of the clerks was struggling to answer a question over the phone. The clerk asked her caller to please wait while she asked her coworker. She then asked her coworker “Where are we? How do we get here?”

Her coworker answered “I think we’re north of Kraft.”

The clerk relayed this information to her caller and ended the call.

I interjected (this may be the wrong word since the conversation was over. I would have interjected but the damage was done too quickly) “Erm. we’re east of Kraft. Kraft runs north-south. We’re on the north side of 28th street.”

We all turned to look at the now hung-up phone.

I’m not sure what else the caller could have done. I’m sure that whoever it was probably thought that the person answering the phone of a business would know where they were.

I do find it interesting to think of the caller driving along, trying to get north of Kraft. When I was last there, it was a collection of undeveloped lots with a lot of trees. The caller will have a tough time getting her nails done there.

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