At a store, I noticed a young woman in workout attire with a child in a stroller. She was inspecting a 3-4 inch ball when she accidentally dropped it. While holding onto the stroller, she bent at the hip to retrieve the ball. The ball was still bouncing but not high enough for her to grasp it. 

She hit the ball to make it bounce higher and then gracefully caught the ball. 

This isn’t how these kinds of things go for me. This is how it probably would have gone:

The ball is dropped and I bend over to grab it. I knock the ball away instead. I start to chase the ball. The ball bounces off the shelves back toward me and under my foot in time for me to step on it. 

I lose my balance and fall back on the shelves behind me, knocking the whole structure down. 

Whether or not the rest of the store’s shelves are also knocked over in a domino effect is open for debate. 

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