I was buying something at St*rbucks and noticed that there was a bell-ringer-thing on the counter. I thought that was pretty convenient since the staff are often off and about cleaning stuff out of eyeshot. It’d save me from wandering around, shouting “Hello”, while trying to pay for stuff.

I said something about it to the cashier and she mentioned that a customer had given it to her as a Christmas present. I said “Isn’t that kinda like a husband buying his wife a vacuum cleaner for Christmas?”

“Yes, it is,” she said with some bitterness. Apparently, her husband once bought her a vacuum cleaner and it went pretty much like a 60s sitcom. Her kids still bug her about it. I didn’t ask why the kids weren’t bugging the husband about it.

This reminded me of a tale of a geeky former coworker. Kyle thought that Roombas were pretty cool and thought that his wife would too. So much so that he ordered one for her for Christmas. His coworkers tried to save him from himself. “Dude! You’re getting your wife a vacuum cleaner for Christmas. Didn’t 60s sitcoms tell you anything.”

“No,” he said. “It’s pretty cool. She’ll like it.

After Christmas, Kyle showed up, somewhat ashen-faced. “She didn’t like it.”

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