missed a moose 

Pam and I went with a bunch of folks to a cabin near Baldwin. We spent a good part of Friday evening in the main room of the cabin.

On the following morning, some of us were gathered in the main room again as we drank coffee and considered waking up. The others started talking about how long the moose had been there and how to maintain it and who shot it and such.

I was thinking, but not asking out loud “What moose?”

We were all sorta staring at the fireplace at the time. I raised my gaze about 30 degrees and saw a bloody huge moose head hanging from the chimney. The head stuck out about 4 feet and the antlers were about 4 feet across.

I said “I spent most of last night in this room but didn’t notice this huge moose until you started talking about it.”

The group then discussed the many virtues of looking up.

To give you some perspective, here’s a picture of the moose with Pam standing under it.

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