red wine 

There are few things more boring for a non-drinker than going with other folks for a wine tasting. 

Pam and I were with Felicity and Grant on a wine tasting mission. Grant and I tried to keep ourselves occupied while the girls sampled the wines. 

I started my usual fool’s errand of looking at the non-wine items in the store. I wasn’t hopeful about finding anything. 

I found the usual winery store items: cheap bottle openers, fabulously expensive bottle openers, various magnets extolling the virtues of wine and/or alcoholism, etc. 

I also found earrings shaped like wineglasses with yellowish glass to look like white wine. Unfortunately, the earrings were the stabby kind and Pam isn’t one to get things pierced. 

Luckily, the store also had necklaces with the same wineglass shape and color. Woohoo! If only it looked like red wine. Pam prefers red wine over white. 

I lucked out again – next to the white wine necklaces were necklaces that looked like glasses of red wine. 

I looked over at the girls. They were deep into a discussion about the wines. One of them was saying “A hint of pumpkin” or something. I told the clerk “They’re looking pretty distracted. Let’s see if we can buy this stealthily.”

I bought the necklace and stuffed it into my pocket. Pam tells me that she saw that I bought something but didn’t know what I could have wanted at the store. 

I gave Pam the necklace when we had lunch after the wine tasting. It’s now her drinkin’ necklace. 

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