high-diving cat

We were sitting at a backyard fire just after dusk. In addition to the people, we had a few dogs for company. The dogs consisted of a wiener dog, a wiener dog / terrier mix, and a mid sized mutt.

At one point a cat emerged from under a nearby tree. This piqued the dogs’ interest. The dogs ran after the cat until the cat ran up a telephone pole that was just inside the fence.

The dogs barked up the pole for a while and then started milling about. A few minutes later, the dogs lost interest and wandered off.

The cat took this opportunity and climbed down the pole and jumped the last 10 feet. Unfortunately, the cat hadn’t planned out its exit strategy and was soon being chased by the dogs again. Again, the cat wound up on top of the telephone pole.

This time, the dogs seemed to settle in for the long haul. That cat came down once, it’ll come down again.

It started to look like the dogs were right – the cat started climbing down from the top of the pole. This time though, it jumped off at about 30 feet off the ground and landed on the other side of the fence.

The dogs were outraged. This was obviously cheating and unfair. They barked furiously at the part of the fence that they thought that the cat landed behind.

The humans were kinda concerned too. 30 feet is higher than they were used to seeing a cat jump. Some of them peered over the fence to see if there was anything left of the kitty that could be saved. Or cleaned up.

Surprisingly, there was no sign of the cat. Apparently, it did the kitty equivalent of dusting itself off, saying “Damn!” and wandering off.

That probably would’ve ticked off the dogs even more.

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