obviously over forty

I was picking up some cold remedy drugs at BigBox store for Pam who was under the weather. After scanning them at the self-checkout, the screen flashed “Assistance Needed” and wouldn’t let me do anything else.

A BigBox employee came by and asked if I needed help. I said that the machine thought so but I didn’t know why. 

The BigBox employee pushed some buttons and I was able to finish buying Pam’s drugs. I didn’t see much of the writing that flashed by on the screen, but I did see that the employee selected a line that said “Obviously over forty”.

I guessed that the drugs were somehow regulated and that they needed to verify my age. If the customer was obviously over forty, then they didn’t need to check ID. 

I know that I look “over forty” but this seemed a bit crass. 

I reflected on something that I’d read by Ayn Rand. It was to the effect that you can’t be insulted by something that is said about you. If what is said is false, then it doesn’t matter. If it’s true, then it can’t be an insult. 

Then I thought, “F*ck you, BigBox! F*ck you!”

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