terms from the middle ages

In another round of musical techies, I found myself working for another manager. I’ll call him Travis. Two teams work for Travis. The team members are all application administrators and they support a lot of different software products. Rather than everyone know about all 50, or whatever, products, Travis divided everyone into 2 teams so that everyone would only need to know about 25, or whatever, products.

The software was divided up pretty arbitrarily so that the teams had a similar amount of work. And since the nature of the teams was arbitrary, it was tough to name the teams. Some suggestions were like Team A and Team B, or Team 1 and Team 2 were discarded since they implied that one team took precedence over another. If I’d been around back then, I’d’ve suggested Greens and Blues to show off my knowledge of classical history. But I wasn’t around back then and I suspect that this may have been wasted.

The names that were picked for these two teams were Wizards and Knights. Worse yet, the name for their shared internal website is Camelot. I guess that they were going for a techie/geeky kinda theme. I’ve not found anyone who admits to suggesting or recommending these names.

When I mentioned these names to my younger boy, and by boy I mean my 31 year old son, he said “Wow! I’m a nerd and even I wanna beat these guys up.”

Travis still hasn’t figured out which of the 2 teams I should join. One teammate said “Well, you can’t have Knights without a Squire.”

I’m just pissed that I didn’t think of that first.

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