tea types 

I got sick of coffee recently went back to drinking tea. I’ve discovered that I’m picky about it. I like mint tea but only if it’s made with black tea. I don’t like herbal or green teas that are supposed to be mint. This could be because only black teas get strong enough. 

I’ve been told that I like tea stronger than most Americans but not as strong as most Brits. This means that I don’t expect to be able to see through it but it shouldn’t be so strong that a) the tea can climb out of the cup or b) the teaspoon can stand straight in the cup.

This got me reading about the stuff.

types of tea


Black tea is what most folks think of when they think of tea. It’s made from tea leaves that are left to oxidize.


Oolong tea is like black tea except that the tea leaves are left to oxidize for half as long as black tea.


Green tea is like black and oolong tea except that the tea leaves aren’t oxidized as all.


Tiny baby tea leaves are snatched out of tiny tea cradles.


Herbal is also just like black, oolong, green, and white teas except for the complete absence of tea leaves. Apparently, you could stick a brick in an infuser with boiling water and someone would call it tea.

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