“not that button!”

I was at work in the mid-90s, trying to help a coworker go through a fairly simple online process. It was a green-screen app that was only going to display some mundane information.

For whatever reason, “Sam” was acting like he was updating nuclear codes. It was painful to get him to enter the commands. Another coworker, “Tim”, was watching all of this and sharing some of my frustration with Sam.

When Sam finally had the command properly typed up, he asked me if he should press “enter”.

“Yes. Press the button.”

“Really? This one?”

“Yes, really.” I was getting really fed up with this. It was just a display command after all.

“You sure?”

“Yes. Push the button.” Sam finally pushed the button.

Because he’d been so jittery and because it was so stupid, and because I can be a bit of a dick, I shouted “No! Not that button!” as a joke.

Sam didn’t get it. “What? No, what?”

I said “Nothing, I’m just yanking your chain.”

Sam still didn’t get it. “No, what happened? What did I do?”

Tim chimed in, “It’s nothing. Steve’s just joking.”

“What happened? Are we OK?”

It took several minutes to peel Sam off the ceiling. I guess it was a really dick move on my part.

Funny as hell though.

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