“you might have a problem”

I was buying some pop at the supermarket. I’d finished scanning and bagging and paying and was working on getting everything back in the cart. 

A complete stranger walked up to me and said “You might have a problem.”

I looked closer to see if I’d missed something. Did I know this person after all?

I used a British response: “Pardon me?”

“You might have a problem” he repeated. 

I looked around me. Had I dropped my credit card? Car keys? Wallet? Was my fly undone and my dick hanging out? For beeps sake, WHAT?!?!

Another Britishism: “I’m sorry, I don’t understand.”

“You have a lot of pop. You might have a problem.”

Ah! He was making a joke about how much pop I have. The supermarket’s sale was 10 2-liter bottles for $10 so I had 10 huge bottles of pop in my cart. I thought about explaining this but I remembered that a lot of folks like to piss and moan about how much pop I drink and I didn’t want to invite the conversation. 

I said “I’ve heard that before.” Much quicker that way.

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