cruising 2016: family portraits 

On the cruise, we were seated at the same table with the same folks for dinner. There were 4 other people: Ivan and Veronica were a couple in their early-mid thirties, Nancy was a woman in her late thirties or early forties, and Colby, Nancy’s 14 year old son. We got along and had some interesting chats.

One of the ship’s photographers came by and took pictures of us. The photographer asked Pam and me to pose together for one shot, then he’d shoot us individually. He did the same for Ivan and Veronica and then Nancy and Colby.

After all that, he asked for a group shot with Pam and me sitting and the other 4 standing around us.

It occurred to me later, when the photographer asked for the same pictures on another day, that he thought that we were a family with Pam and me as the parents/grandparents of the brood. 

I can’t help wondering what our real family would think of this. I’m still considering getting a copy of the picture and calling it our “other family”.

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