I hate getting t-boned

I was at a traffic light, waiting for it to turn green. When it turned green, I started moving across the intersection. From my left, in my peripheral vision, I saw a minivan barreling toward me.

A number of thoughts went through my mind. “That shouldn’t be there,” was one. “This might hit me,” was another. I settled on “I wonder if this will hurt.”

<spoiler alert> It did hit me. It only hurt a little bit. </spoiler alert>

I thought that it might miss me instead when I felt the back end of the car get clipped. I also felt something pushing on my left side and slapping the side of my head.

I looked around. My car was pointed north when I had been heading west. I couldn’t see out the driver’s side of the car because the side airbags had deployed. The airbag had hit my side and head.

Overall, I only felt a little bit shaken. I thought that I might be a little bit bruised but I didn’t see any evidence of that.

I didn’t bother trying to get out of the driver’s side. I just climbed over and out of the passenger side.

As I climbed out of the car, I looked for more vehicles that might smash into me. There was a lot of traffic around but we were given a wide berth.

The driver of the minivan that hit me got out with a baby on her shoulder. She said “I’m sorry,” and “I was running a yellow light.” I didn’t trust myself to speak.

I walked around my car to look at the damage. The rear driver’s side door and the rear quarter-panel were bent and scratched. The rear wheel looked like it was just leaning against the car instead of standing straight up. My car wasn’t going anywhere without a tow truck.

I wasn’t thinking too straight. Maybe I was thinking too much. I decided that I was going to walk over to the sidewalk and sit down while I figured out which way was up.

The driver of the minivan called after me, “Are we just going to leave the cars in the middle of the intersection?”

I answered “I’m gonna sit the <very naughty word> down.”. I was right to have not trusted myself to speak.

I called Pam. I started with “First, I’m OK.” Pam’s getting to hate it when I start conversations that way. Those opening words are usually followed by “I’ve fallen off a horse” or “I’ve been in a car crash.”
It got dull and boring after that. The cops came and took statements. Pam came by. The tow truck took my car away and Pam and I went home. 

This year I’ve had a heart attack and two car crashes (damn deer). I can’t wait for this year to be over.


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