Sometimes I can be geekier than others.

I’d been chatting with Corwin who’d been discovering uses of the sudo command on his linux computer. That reminded me that it can be fun to use that command to wreck a computer.

I thought of an easier example of sudo’s destructive power and tossed it onto facebook:

Unix kiddies:
wanna go new places, meet new people, do new things?
try this: sudo rm -rf /*

I often try to minimize aspects of my geekiness in non-geek company. This leaves people thinking that I’m only “very geeky”. They’re usually left unaware of the vast panoramas of computer geekery that I have.

When I posted the above on facebook, some friends wondered if I’d been hacked. They’d thought that this wasn’t the kind of thing that I’d post.

I assured them that I hadn’t been hacked and this was my idea of “funny”.

If you’re interested:
sudo – means run the rest of the line as super user
rm – means remove files
-r – means go thru all of the lower directories
f – means “force” deleting
/* – means start at the very top of the directory structure

The upshot of all this is that all of the computer’s files will be deleted and the computer becomes a doorstop. It’d be a good idea to have a recovery disk handy.

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