“It’s easier to ask forgiveness than it is to ask permission.”
— Grace Hopper

I was working with some software and found that it had crashed in such a way that it created a huge file that took up all of the disk space. A special feature of the problem is that the software still had a lock on the file so that I couldn’t get rid of it. 

The only solution was to stop the software so that the lock was released and I could delete the file. I asked the guy who spoke for the folks who used this software when I could do that. 

The guy, let’s say Howard, considered this. The software was used by an awful lot of people but at any given moment it was unlikely to be active. It was doubtful that anyone would notice the bounce. Even if anyone did notice, they’d just have to click “Retry” and they’d be OK. 

Howard threw the above quote from Grace Hopper at me and told me to go ahead. 

I bounced the software and wrote back:

I bounced the software.
The file deleted OK.
Please forgive me.

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