Microsoft Edge 

For browsing the internet, I usually use Google Chrome. If something wonky happens with the site that I’m trying to look at, I’ll switch over to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer or Mozilla’s Firefox. 

When I moved our home computers over to Windows 10, I found that Microsoft had a new browser called Edge. I tried using it for a while but I kept finding myself on web sites that wouldn’t work on Edge so I’d copy-and-paste the URL over to Chrome or IE or whatever. 

More recently, Pam was trying to figure out taxes online. She’d been struggling with tech support on the phone for over an hour before getting me involved. The problem was that she’d fill in a complicated form, click Save, and then the site threw away the information that she’d just entered. 

When I noticed that she was using the default browser, Edge, I asked her to have tech support verify that they supported Edge. Thirty minutes later, we got an answer: they don’t. 

We opened up IE, filled in the complicated form, clicked Save, and saw that the site had kept our updates. 

To summarize, Edge

  • doesn’t offer a feature that the others don’t have that I have any interest in
  • only offers pain and heartache when I try to use it. 

 I’ve never changed a default browser on a computer because it’s never been worth the effort. 

Until now. 


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