I ran into a deer a while ago and needed a bunch of work done to get the car fixed. When I got the car back, it looked like new and ran beautifully. Unfortunately, I’ve been running into itty bitty issues since then.

It started when I picked up the car from the body shop. There was a warning on my dashboard saying “key battery”. At first, I thought that this was something dire. It wasn’t. This was my car’s way of telling me to replace the battery in my key fob. An easy fix.

A few days later, a fellow motorist told me to turn my bleeping lights on. Since my headlights already were on, I took this to mean that my rear running lights were out. Google told me that replacing headlights can knock out the fuse for the rear running lights. The body shop had just replaced a headlight! I replaced the fuse (thanks, YouTube) and the lights were back.

Then Pam noticed that the auto unlock wasn’t working for her when she tried to open the passenger door. We guessed that her fob battery needed replacing too. When I discovered that the passenger door lock wouldn’t work for me either, we realized that the problem was with the lock and not Pam’s fob.

Google offered no useful advice this time so a trip to the car-fixing place was necessary. After about 15-20 minutes, the lock was fixed. I was told that they had to “put a thing into another thing.”

“Putting things into other things” is how I usually explain sports. It’s nice to see that it also has use in auto mechanics.

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