I finally hit a deer 

Note for non-Michiganders: In season, there are a lot of deer on the roads in Michigan. This season runs from April thru March. 

I was driving home on the freeway when I saw a deer in my way. It was running from the center of the freeway to the outside shoulder. It was a big one with most of its mass above the hood of my car. I was worried that the deer was gonna come at me over the hood and thru the windshield. 


I hit the deer.


I only clipped the deer with the front passenger-side corner of my car. There were crunching sounds from the front but no big impact or deployed airbags or anything. I heard tinkling sounds as smashed up car bits fell thru the car to the ground. 

My dashboard lit up all sorts of colored symbols. The word “FAILURE” flashed on the dash as if passing judgment on my driving style. 

I fiddled with the steering wheel – it worked. I fiddled with the brakes – they worked too. I was close to my exit so I took it and pulled over to look at the damage. 

It was dark and I only had the light of my phone to help. At first, it looked like someone had carefully removed the headlight. On closer inspection, I saw the remains of the headlight as well as the shattered electronics that had been near it. Then I saw that the hood, bumper, front quarterpanel, and front passenger door had enough bends, cracks, and chips to make it a 4-digit “whoops”. 

At least I can drive the thing while the body shop and insurance company talk amongst themselves.

Shortly before I hit this deer, I’d passed Pam who was in her own car. She says she’s grateful. 

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