It’s been cold lately and I needed something to keep my head warm while I walk the dogs. My parka has a hood that keeps me warm but limits my vision. 

The solution was to get a hat. Finding one had been difficult because I’ve got a bigger head than most hats can fit. I spent a lot of time looking for a hat that a) fit, b) was gonna keep my head warm, and c) made me look good. 

After an awful lot of looking, I settled for a hat that met the first 2 requirements. I wasn’t too worried about the hat’s or my appearance since most of the walking is done at night. 

We recently went to the zoo with the kids and grandkids on a cold, blustery day. Even though it was daylight, I put on my hat to keep my head warm. Morgan and Beth looked at me like they wanted to say something but figured that they shouldn’t. 

I said it for them, sorta: “It took me a long time to find a hat that didn’t make me look like a geek.”

Morgan and Beth now had a different look on their faces. This look said “You didn’t succeed.”


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