a grandad story 

We were hanging out with the kids and grandkids. I was with grandkid B with the toys in the basement. He’d been entertaining himself by sliding down the stairs on his tush.

He moved on to jumping off the first step of the stairs onto the floor. Then he jumped off the second step.

Next, he started climbing to the top of the stairs. I thought “He’s back to sliding down on his tush again.”

Wrong. On the 6th step he turned around and jumped to the floor.

He landed on his tush and started crying. His dad soon came down and assessed the damage. 

“You get hurt?”
“Uh huh”
“You hurt your bum?”
“Uh huh.”

I saw an opportunity. “Daddy kiss it better?”

“Uh huh.” And then he presented his tush to his dad to kiss it better.

The look that I got from my son made it all worth it.

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