We got another temp: Murphy.

Someone had about 40 dogs in her house. She got into an accident and couldn’t care for the dogs any more so her family turned them into the local animal shelter. The shelter worked with various dog rescue organizations to adopt out the dogs. The rescue that Pam and I work with, Great Lakes Golden Retriever Rescue (GLGRR) agreed to take in the 11 golden retrievers. These dogs were in pretty sad shape. They were awfully undernourished and filthy.

The usual process when GLGRR takes in a dog is to have it stay with a foster family while they evaluate the dog, make sure that it’s healthy and find someone to adopt the dog.

With this many dogs at once, they took in dogs where they could and boarded the rest at kennels while they rounded up more fosters.

This is where Pam and I came in. We were given Major as a foster. GLGRR wasn’t happy with Major as a name so we were asked to come up with another name.

I immediately came up with “Kevin” as a name. I’d recently seen it used as a pet’s name in a Zits comic. I loved “Kevin” as a pet’s name. Everyone in the family loved “Kevin” as a pet’s name. GLGRR said “no”. We’re using “Murphy” instead.

I would’ve pushed back on this but I know too many Kevins who might read this blog and take offence at my using their name for a dog. (I’d say that I’m not naming names but I already did.)

Murphy’s a beautiful, friendly dog. Even Lulu likes him. As I walked him around the house, he discovered the bed that we got for him. He walked in a circle on the bed and…

… took a massive dump in the middle of it.

We’ve got some work to do.

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2 Responses to Murphy

  1. Morgan says:

    What happened to Skippy?

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