Alistair and I were talking about blog sites. We’ve both been using wordpress for a while. I mentioned that I’ve also been using tumblr. I really like wordpress because it allows great flexibility for formatting text posts which is what I usually do.

However, I’ve found that wordpress is pretty clunky when it comes to handling media files. I found that tumblr is much better for handling media files but very limited when it comes to formatting text posts. After much deliberation, I chose to use both.

When I told Alistair that I was also using tumblr, he said “Why? Are you uploading videos of cats and dogs.” Apparently, tumblr has a reputation for being used by cat fanciers.

Rather than say anything, I brought up the following dog video on my phone: Lulu and Eli: There can be only one

I suppose that I could have explained the superior media handling and such but this was funnier.

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