group dance lessons 

Dancing doesn’t come easily to me. Whenever our instructor teaches us a new pattern, I take forever to learn it and need endless repetitions while Pam waits for me to finally figure it out.

With group lessons it’s a lot worse. Usually, a pattern will have several parts. The instructor will teach one of the parts, ask if everyone understands that part, and then move to the next part. I usually get stuck on one of the early parts. The instructor asks if everyone understands that part, I pipe up that I don’t get it at all and need help. The instructor then tries to help me but usually gives up after 2 or 3 attempts. Since I can’t do the later parts without doing the earlier part, I can’t do the pattern at all – you can’t do “most” of a pattern.

When this last happened, we were also changing partners every few minutes. When we got to the part that got me stuck, I happened to be partnered with an unpleasant woman I’ll call Roberta. Roberta was obviously unimpressed with my inability to do this one part of the pattern. This only made me more flustered and I couldn’t wait for the instructor tell us to change partners again so that I’d hopefully be with someone less unpleasant.

That bastard instructor never had us change partners again. Whenever I’ve seen Roberta since then, she scowls at me and then ignores me. I guess that’s better than having her talk to me.

<naughty word>

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