why Apple tablets are better than androids

This title may cause some consternation.

The first tablet that I got was a Nook™ e-reader. It was pretty limited in what it could do apart from displaying Barnes and Noble ebooks. I soon found that I could make it act like an android and got a lot more use out of it.

After a few months, I bought my first real android tablet – a Samsung Galaxy Tab™. This was a lot faster than the Nook and crashed a lot less.

After going thru a few android devices of differing brands and sizes I was still pretty unimpressed by the quality of available apps. Crashing was happening too often. Video playback was also pretty spotty.

For me the biggest annoyance was that a lot of programs didn’t support pinching. This is where you press on 2 points on the screen and move them to change the size of what you’re looking at. While most browser apps could do this, a lot of apps couldn’t.

One reason that I avoided iPads™ is that I can easily get 2 android tablets for the price of 1 iPad™.

Earlier this year, Pam and I ran into some ‘found’ money and I used some of it to get an iPad Air 2™. I really enjoy using it. It rarely crashes. The video display is awesome. And when Pam is struggling with her Samsung Galaxy Tab 4™ to play back some video link in facebook, often expressing some frustration, I just click and watch.

If you have money to spare for 2 android tablets but only need 1 tablet, I recommend that you blow it all on 1 iPad™.

Probably not the best endorsement that Apple could get but it’s all that I’ve got.

(After this, I’ll probably get Pam an iPad™ for Christmas or her birthday. Shh. Don’t tell her)

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