moon shot 

I was at Chuck E. Cheese walking Julian among the various arcade games. A lot of the games were either too big for him or too advanced.

“Moon Shot” was too advanced. I gave Julian a token. Julian put it in the slot and I watched it go down a slide, past a lever which was controlled by a button that we hadn’t noticed.

“Aha!” I thought. “That’s how it works. As the token passes the lever, you use the button to fling the token to the moon-icony-thing.”

This was lost on Julian. He kept pushing buttons in hope that something wonderful would happen.

Just for giggles, I inserted another token and pushed the button when the token got near the lever. This flung the token which went, as expected, nowhere near the moon-icony-thing.

Meanwhile, Julian was still pushing all sorts of other buttons at the same time. While I saw that the moon-icony-thing was completely unmolested by my token, the machine started spitting out prize tickets anyway.

The machine continued spitting out prize tickets. After the first few yards I let an employee know about this. A couple of yards later, the machine stopped spitting out tickets. Presumably, it ran out.

The Chuck E. Cheese folks didn’t seen interested in asking for the tickets back and I wasn’t interested in offering them.

Pam looked impressed when she saw me in the distance carrying yards and yards of prize tickets. That look may have been surprise though since she has a pretty good idea of my skills, or lack of skills, with arcade games.

When we traded the prize tickets for prizes, Julian and Hazel each got a $0.03 plastic whistle. This explains the employees’ disinterest in the big piles of tickets.

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