While we were in Pam’s office building, we ran into Somename. Somename had been helping Pam organize the furniture in Pam’s office. Pam discussed some of those details with Somename and then introduced us.

We’d met before. Somename indicated Pam and said that’s she’s very nice, but sometimes shows some steel.

Pam is very nice but some folks misinterpret that as being a pushover. People who make this mistake are surprised when Pam lets them know that she isn’t a pushover. 

I considered mentioning this but figured that it’d be funnier if I drew upon my years of watching 60s sitcoms. Instead, I said 

“You realize that you’re trying to tell a man that his wife doesn’t always jump to do what she’s told.”

Somename said “So, no sympathy?”

I said “More like ‘Cry me a river.”

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