blueberry coffee cake 

Loretta had made a very nice blueberry coffee cake. She and Mickey tried it on the night that she made it and they found that it was delicious.

For one reason or another, they didn’t have more of the blueberry coffee cake for a week. On the day after that, as Loretta was preparing another serving of blueberry coffee cake, Mickey said that the blueberry coffee cake had seemed to taste somewhat bitter on the night before.

“Nonsense!” said Loretta. “It’s fine. This doesn’t go bad.”

Mickey sometimes got tired of being wrong most of the time but had gotten used to it. He said nothing.

Loretta got a forkful of blueberry coffee cake and put it in her mouth. Mickey noticed that Loretta froze with her mouth half closed around the blueberry coffee cake. It was as if time stood still.

Mickey had never seen anyone freeze quite like that and wondered what was happening. Then Mickey saw Loretta’s eyes slowly widen. Then her mouth slowly widened too and a panicked expression grew on Loretta’s face.

Loretta slowly, carefully, removed the fork and the blueberry coffee cake from her mouth and said “That blueberry coffee cake really did go bad.”

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