the Gateway Arch

As part of our vacation, we spent a couple of days visiting St. Louis. Pam especially wanted to see the Gateway Arch.

We had some difficulty getting to it as most of the riverfront was torn up with construction. Our Garmin GPS, we call it Gerty, kept telling us to drive thru walls and fences and piles of building materials. Eventually we just parked within a short walk from the Arch and made our way over.

That wound up being easier because there were lots of signs for pedestrians and they were easy to follow.

As we bought tickets for the Arch, we were told that the ride up the elevator could be a problem if you have claustrophobia. I’ve ignored a warning for claustrophobes once before and I didn’t enjoy it. We asked “How claustrophobic?”

The clerk showed us a picture on a man, woman, and 3 kids jammed into a tiny closet. It reminded me of those pictures of 60s college kids jamming themselves into phone booths. Unless I missed the issue about super-contortionism, I’m pretty sure that Clark Kent wasn’t changing into Superman in this thing.

But, I thought that maybe I could steel myself to ride the thing and not scream and jibber and bang on the walls to get out. If I could do that, then I could ride the damn thing to the top of the Arch and then look out a window.

There are people who like to look out of windows on tall buildings. Pam is one of them. I’m not. Pam went to the top of the Arch and I stayed in the lobby updating my blog. I think it was the one about upgrading OAM.

Since Pam went by herself, she found that she didn’t have to wait that long. As I mentioned, the claustromobile only held 5 people. The folks in charge of the claustromobile wanted to make sure that it always had 5 people in it. They were often looking for a fifth rider so they skipped over the groups of 4, 3, and 2 and jumped Pam past the rest of them. The folks who Pam was passing by may have glared at her. If they did, then they were glaring at her back as they waited for a ride.

Pam rode up the claustromobile to the top of the Arch into a slightly less claustrophobic hallway. She looked out the window and then she repeated the episode with the claustromobile on the other side of the Arch.

Pam claims that she enjoyed the view from the top of the Arch. If she wants to say more, she can write her own blog.

It only took Pam about 30 minutes to visit the top of the Arch. She’d been told that it would be more like an hour but that was the advantage of going without me.

So Pam got to enjoy the Arch with a lot less time wasted by sitting and waiting for the claustromobile. I got to work on my blog and not pretend to give a sh1t about looking out of windows.

It’s a good thing that I totally wussed out of riding the claustromobile.

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