learning lessons

A dog trainer once told me that if you keep a dog on tight leash, then the fight part of the dog’s “flight or fight” response kicks in and makes the dog struggle to get at other dogs and make a fuss. If my dog’s leash is nice and loose, then the dog will be nice and friendly with other dogs.

Me: “That sounds stupid. If I let the dog loose, then the dogs will be all over each other in a dog fight.”
Trainer: ” No, really. Just let the dogs get together and peace and kumbaya and stuff like that. Trust me. I’m an amateur dog trainer.”

I was walking Lulu and Boomer when I came to a house with 3 very barky dogs behind an invisible fence. I remembered the words of the trustworthy amateur trainer. I let Boomer’s leash out nice and loose. He walked along the road seemingly serene.

Quick as a bunny, Boomer took a hard left and dove into the doggy trio. I stood at the curb watching a one-sided dog fight. I wanted to intervene (this was before I’d gotten bitten by a dog in another dog fight) but I also had Lulu to contend with. If I went in there, Lulu would come with me and I’d have a 5-way dogfight.

By the time I’d figured this out, Boomer was on his back as the other dogs had their way with him. I used the leash to carefully drag Boomer by his throat to the curb and past the invisible fence.

Surprisingly, Boomer was undamaged. He looked disheveled but no more than usual. He tried to get back into the fray but I had him in a short, tight leash. His look seemed to indicate that he’d had them just where he wanted and was about to beat them when I pulled him away.

Dogs can be ungrateful bastards.

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