roller coaster

I went to the dealership to get a new tire installed. I paid with a credit card. I was sitting in an awkward position so I kept my credit card wallet in my hand. I finished paying, got in the car and drove off to get some gas. My car said that it was running on fumes so I was getting antsy as I sat in line, seemingly forever, at Costco’s gas station.

When I finally pulled up to the pump, I reached for my wallet and (dammit!dammit!dammit!) realized that I didn’t have it. (dammit!dammit!dammit!).

I figured that I must have absentmindedly left the darn thing back at the dealership. I got back in the car and pulled the car around to go back and hope and pray that the dealership had my wallet.

As I was turning the car around, I noticed the bill that I’d just paid on the passenger seat. I patted it and found my wallet.

My stress levels started coming down and I turned the car around again to sit in line, seemingly forever, again, for some gas.


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