I first watched Broadchurch early last year on BBC America. My main reason for watching it in the first place was that a couple of cast members from Doctor Who were in it (the tenth Doctor and Rory). It’s a British show about the investigation of the murder of a boy in a small seaside town.

About halfway through the series (it was only 8 episodes) I thought “You know, Pam would probably like this” but by then it was too late.

For whatever reason, Fox redid the show in the states and called it Gracepoint. This time, Pam and I watched the show together. Gracepoint was a good show but it didn’t seem to have the same emotional impact as Broadchurch.

I bought a copy of Broadchurch for Pam to watch and for me to watch again. Pam and I just finished watching it. At the end with the bonfire scene, Pam had to dab her eyes and blow her nose. Tears were streaming down my face and I didn’t want to speak for fear that my voice would crack. Just like the last time.

Damned allergies.

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