the gas stove

Someone I know got his wife a stove for Xmas. It only took 4 trips to the hardware store to install it.

The stove was ordered but it needed a hookup kit. He went to the store to get it. That was trip # 1.

When the stove arrived, it became apparent that we needed a pipe wrench to get the cap off the gas line. This led to trip # 2.

Once we used the newly acquired pipe wrench to remove the cap from the gas line, we found that the hookup kit didn’t fit the pipe. We needed some fittings to connect the gas line to the hookup kit. This was trip # 3.

The fitting didn’t fit the gas line. It was too big. In fact, when we tried to screw on the fitting, it surrounded the pipe without touching it. We needed a smaller fitting. Trip # 4.

This time we got a needed extension cord while we were there, avoiding trip # 5.

After that, the stove was hooked up without blowing up the house.

In the early 90s, we lived in a fixer-upper in a neighborhood of fixer-uppers. A popular saying in that neighborhood was “no project is less than 3 trips to Builder’s Square.” It’s still true.

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