The Continuing Adventures of Steve and Pam – 2014

We went to Evansville for Julian’s first birthday and got trapped in Indiana again. This was a final straw for Steve who swore off traveling ever again.

On the Uncle Don front, we finally sold his house in April. Pam went to Nebraska with Scott in August to close out the last of Don’s estate. No disasters getting there or back.

Steve’s dad turned 80. Steve, Pam, Corwin and Morgan made their various ways to Pickering. Jason, Alex, and Jasper with their families made their ways to the birthday party too. Steve and Pam also managed to have a quick visit to Toronto during the US Thanksgiving weekend.

Pam got her gall bladder taken out. She’d had trouble with gall stones for over 10 years but figured that it wasn’t worth the trouble to get the surgery to fix the problem. After a couple of trips to the emergency department this year, she relented and went under the knife. The doctor had told Pam that she could be back to work on Monday (the surgery was on Friday) and Pam took this to heart. She said that she felt sore when gardening and running her usual weekend errands. When she complained to the doctor, he said that a) he had said that “most people” go back to work on the following Monday and b) “most people” don’t have gall stones the size of golf balls.

We went to dance camp 9 days after Pam’s surgery and Pam had no trouble. Dance camp was fun but exhausting. We even performed cha-cha and tango routines in front of an audience. (Steve sucked)

Corwin turned 30. This made it harder to pretend that we’re not getting old.

Morgan went to Texas for training for an awfully long time. He left in July and was supposed to return a few days after Thanksgiving. Beth planned on having Thanksgiving the following Friday when Morgan got back. The day before Morgan was to start driving, he found out that he wasn’t returning until December 19. Steve and Pam went to Evansville to join Beth for the delayed Thanksgiving but we had Morgan’s picture on the table as a centerpiece. We also had Morgan on hand via Skype to watch Hazel blow out the candles for her third birthday.

Pam went to Evansville a number of times throughout the year. On the way there in July, her car died just outside on Indianapolis. She had the car towed to a dealership to get it fixed. Then she rented a car to continue her trip while her car was getting repairs. Pam also helped Beth with the kids on Beth’s way to visit Morgan in Texas.

In late October, Pam, Steve and 2 other couples went on a cruise of some islands in the eastern Caribbean. There was drinking, gambling, dancing, exploring, paddle-boarding, parasailing, and sun burning to various degrees.

In case you’re wondering why Steve wasn’t keeping Pam company on most of these trips, it wasn’t because he was taking that “swore off traveling ever again” thing too seriously. He was involved in a project at work that didn’t allow for much time off. Bastards!

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