.1k 2014

This year’s .1k run had a smaller turnout than last time. When we were last here, 2 years ago, the road from Hop Cat to Fulton was packed with people. This time, it was only loosely packed for about one third of that distance.

Last time we also kept tripping over folks from Amway. This time we didn’t recognize anyone.

This year they also did away with the hydration station that was halfway along at the 50 yard line.

As I milled about alone outside by the starting line, a man with a microphone was shouting advice to the runners. “Hydration is key. Stretching is important.”

The reason that I was alone outside was that it was bloody cold out, low forties, and Pam was staying inside.

We sat in one of the sponsoring bars, Hop Cat, as we waited for the race to start. A race official came in and shouted “10 minutes to the race! Hydrate quickly and get outside.”

Each year they alternate the direction of the race. This year it’s from Hop Cat to McFadden’s. A lot was made of the fact that this made it a downhill run. If you look carefully, you can see a very gentle slope between the 2 bars.

We stood ready for the race but the kind of folks who speak at these things spoke at this thing. Luckily I couldn’t hear most of it. Apparently this is for a worthwhile cause and is important to a lot of people.

The race started and we strove toward the finish line. About halfway thru, I was really parched but there was no hydration station. Despite the hardship, we got to the finish line anyway.

Thirsty, hungry, and exhausted, we traveled an extra 30 yards to Stella’s for a well deserved lunch.

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