When Becky and Pam were preparing for Morgan and Beth’s wedding in 2006, they thought it would be great to take dance lessons so they could dance without embarrassing themselves. They then talked their husbands into it.

There was a sale on a package of 7 dance lessons at a bridal show and Becky and Pam bought the lessons. There were 4 of us: Beth’s parents Becky and Dave, Pam, and me. After the 7 lessons, I did not feel like I was ready for prime time. The instructor basically just told me where to put my feet and not much else. I didn’t really know how to move around and it all felt really clunky. For more lessons, the dance studio said that the regular rate for lessons was $100 per hour. We said “No. Thank you”

A week of so later, Becky was talking to another couple who paid a lot less for better lessons. They also spoke highly of their instructor, Patty. The 4 of us went to see Patty.

Patty is a great teacher. She showed me how to shift my weight and move around. Dancing didn’t feel clunky anymore.

We talked ourselves into going out dancing in public. It was pretty obvious that most folks on the dance floor were a lot better than us.

Morgan and Beth got married and we danced at their wedding without embarrassing ourselves. We hardly knew anything about dancing back then but the rest of the folks were impressed. Before the reception, Corwin asked me how well I thought I could dance. I told him that we were still pretty bad at it. After he saw us dancing he called me a liar because he thought that we were excellent dancers.

We kept on taking lessons after the wedding. Becky and Dave stopped after another year but Pam and I kept going. We liked the excuse to go out and I got to rub up against Pam more often (sorry kids).

People who know nothing about dancing are often impressed with us. When we went on a cruise last year, complete strangers would come up and compliment our dancing. I remember one man calling to his wife, “Honey! Honey! It’s the dancers!”

I get a swelled head when folks who do know how to dance say nice things though. We hear that more often since we’ve had an awful lot of practice and lessons.

We’re still dancing and taking lessons from Patty. We even went to dance camp in Vegas the last 3 years although we may have milked that cow pretty dry by now. We’ll probably keep dancing until we can’t.

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