I was attending a seminar at work that mentioned COBRA. COBRA is a medical insurance package that you can pay for when you leave your employer.

Your regular medical insurance stops on the day that you end your job but you can’t get the paperwork for COBRA until after that. This can leave you uninsured for a while. Someone in the audience asked about how you get medical coverage during this gap.

The young lady who was presenting this information said that COBRA would still cover you even though you hadn’t filled out the forms or sent any checks.

I spoke up with an example to make sure that I was hearing this correctly. “If I retire today, in October, get run over by a truck in November, and pay COBRA in December, then I’ll still be covered?”

This got a bunch of appreciate laughs from the audience and then the young lady answered: “I don’t know why you’d want to buy a truck but you’d still be covered.”

Damn! I thought that I’d done a good job of projecting my voice but I must have been wrong. Then again, someone from the audience approached me later and said “You were right. She just didn’t get your point.”

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