As a kid I learned to appreciate maps and make sure that I reviewed them before going on trips. When the internet started getting useful, I’d print maps from yahoo or google and take them along. Now I depend on GPSs. We’ve been using Garmins. Sure, smart phones have GPSs too but I’ve gotten to like having a map clearly visible on my dashboard. Gerty, as I call it, rarely leads me astray.

Until last weekend. Last weekend, Gerty led me astray.

We were going to Canton, just outside of Detroit. Pam had the address on her phone but, like I said, I prefer to use the Garmin on the dashboard. However, Gerty didn’t recognize the address. I had Gerty look for the name of the park that we were going to and Gerty found one that was 237 miles east of us. Pam’s phone also said 237 miles east of us so we were set.

After 200 or so miles, Pam was getting suspicious. We were a lot closer to Detroit than she thought we should be. She checked her phone and got the google maps equivalent of “dude, turn around”. She then advanced thru Gerty’s route to compare with her phone. She stopped when Gerty got to the part about taking the bridge to Canada. Sure, Canada’s a nice place to visit but we had other plans that day.

Deeply disappointed and with a shattered faith in Gerty, we used the phone to get the rest of the way.

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