Pam’s wanted to go parasailing for a while now. Whenever we go to some vacation spot, she’s waving brochures or emailing links about parasailing opportunities.
She keeps asking me to go along because she doesn’t want to go alone. Unfortunately, I’m not interested. I don’t see any entertainment value in it and I’m afraid of heights.

We did go zip lining last year and I did wind up enjoying it. We were part of 4 couples. One other woman, I’ve been calling her Deb, was as much of a fraidy-cat as I am about heights. We all went anyway and had a good time.

We’re going on a cruise again this year and Pam’s looking up parasailing again. There are only 2 other couples this time. One of them has gone parasailing many times and loves it – but doesn’t want to go this time. Deb admits having a good time zip lining but isn’t going parasailing and Pam can’t make her so there.

I suppose that I could let Pam go parasailing all by herself and I could stay on the ship and catch up on reading or sudoku or something. But I figured that if she got herself killed doing this stupid thing then I’d feel like a jerk afterward.

I guess I’m going parasailing. If we get killed, we’ll get killed as a happy couple.

It’s occurred to me that if we do get killed parasailing, then this post will look pretty damned creepy.
Screw it – I’m leaving it out here.

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