You stupid old man 2.0

The first version of this is at you stupid old man. I thought that it was clear enough but I heard a comment or two that it wasn’t. Since the point of this blog is to learn to write coherently, I’m gonna try again. 

Here we go:

A coworker, a young lady of 23, came to my area asking for directions. As I went to show her, she noticed a picture of my grandson Julian on my calendar. “Oh, how cute” she exclaimed. “It that your son?”

I said, “First, thank you. And second, no, He’s my grandson.”

I can’t imagine having kids at my age. It’s a lot of work that is better inflicted on the young. My first thought if I hear the someone my age or older is having kids is “You stupid old man! What are you doing reproducing at your age?”

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