how to speed up a linux install

Today I saw that CentOS has released version 7 of their operating system (OS).
I’ve been struggling like an animal with version 6.5 and figured that I’d install the new one.
It all seemed easy enough: download the software, burn it to a disk, boot from the disk.
What could be simpler?

Kids: Don’t let your parents try this at home! They’re much more likely to turn the computer into a doorstop than something useful.

I booted the disk and installed the OS.
I was surprised that it only took 10 minutes to install everything.
I rebooted to examine my new toy.
I was staring at a command prompt.
This wasn’t very user-friendly.

I ran the install again and looked more carefully for what was getting installed.
I found that the default option was to install almost nothing.
I changed the setting to install the stuff that I wanted.
This time, it took almost a hour.
It’s much more user-friendly.

So if you really want to speed up a Linux install, just don’t install anything.

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