We have no one to blame but ourselves.

We’d planned on going to Evansville for Easter.
Morgan called on the previous Tuesday to say that a nasty stomach bug had gone thru their house and he wanted to give us a chance to back out.
Pam said “No way! We won’t let a stomach bug stop us from visiting.”
We did let Corwin know about the bug and he decided to postpone his visit.

It was a fun visit and we capped it off with brunch at a Chinese restaurant.
As Pam and I drove across Indiana, Pam started feeling ill. 
By the time that we swung around Louisville, Pam was feeling a lot of gastric distress and we were stopping at every rest stop.
When we got to Indianapolis,  we found a Meijer and looked for something that would help.
“Pepto Bysmol” saId that it will fix Pam’s symptoms.
We bought a bottle, Pam took a swig and we were back on our way.

At this point, the GPS started to flake out on us.
“Take I465 east. Take I465 west. Take I465 east.”
By the time that it made up the equivalent of its mind, I was going the wrong way.
I took us off the freeway to get us going the right way.

This is when Pam told me to pull over so that she could throw up.
I pulled into the parking lot of some abandoned building, Pam ran out and yakked onto the grass.
Boy! There was an awful lot of Chinese food that came out.
It didn’t look much worse than when I’d last seen it.
Pam sat for a while and swished some bottled water.

We got back in the car and slowly inched our way back home, pretty much stopping at every rest stop.

We got home around 11:00pm. Pam went straight to bed.

The following day, Pam stayed in bed and I went to work.
At lunchtime, I went home to check up on Pam.
My stomach had been feeling uneasy all day and I found myself feeling like Pam had said that she’d felt.
Then I yakked into a bucket.
I kept yakking into the bucket.
I couldn’t believe how much was coming out.

I had 3 more yakking sessions throughout the afternoon.
I’m not sure if I’m done yet.
Pam is feeling better but not well. At least better than me.

I’m pretty sure that we’d have gone anyway.

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