I’m starting to think that it’s me.
Pam and I have done more traveling than usual in the past year or so. In the past we’ve traveled without any incidents. However, in the last year or so, we’ve run into a number of issues coming back from our travels.
12/26/12 – Trapped in Indiana
We were in Evansville, Indiana, and trying to get back home. There was bad weather all the way from Evansville to Grand Rapids. It snowed before we started, about 6 inches of snow already, and it was still snowing.We doggedly drove up US41 at a snail’s pace. There was about 4 inches of packed snow/ice and enough holes in the ice to make the drive very rough. If we drove more than 20 miles per hour, the car would bounce around so much that it would head toward the ditch. It was also snowing pretty hard and visibility got pretty low.
We got to Terre Haute around 6:00pm and were exhausted. We decided that I70 was in better shape than US41 and took that to Indianapolis. I70 was faster. The weather was still awful but not as bad as before. A couple of times, it wasn’t even snowing.
In Indianapolis, it started snowing again and we were hearing reports that the northern half of Indiana was closed. We gave up and rented a room in the first non-seedy-looking hotel that we could find.
We woke up the following day to clear roads and azure skies. We stopped at Carlos O’Kelley’s for a leisurely lunch and had a lovely, day-late drive home.
6/22/13 – I left my breakfast in Nevada
We’d been dancing all week at the Las Vegas Dance camp. We had an early flight home with a stopover in Minneapolis. I fell asleep on the plane and awoke to find that I was throwing up and choking on my own vomit. (see This got me a 2 day stay in the hospital in Minneapolis.
11/17/13 – Abandoned in Cleveland
We had a great cruise in the Western Caribbean. (see There were wind storms all over the Midwest and North East. When we landed in Cleveland, we discovered that our connecting flights to Grand Rapids were cancelled and rescheduled for the evening of the following day. The 6 of us rented a minivan and drove home. When we got home, around 3:00am, the power was out. Power wasn’t restored until late Monday night. 
12/26/12 – Trapped in Indiana – again
We were in Evansville, Indiana, and trying to get back home – again. This time we got as far as Fort Wayne. We were planning on stopping there anyway for dinner with Corwin, who was travelling the same route, at Carlos O’Kelley’s. Corwin got there ahead of us and told us that Carlos O’Kelley’s was closed because of the bad weather. We figured that we’d stop at a hotel, get some rest and try again in a few hours. After checking into the hotel, we found out that a state of emergency was declared and that no one was allowed on the roads. The state of emergency wasn’t lifted until 6:00pm the following night. By then there was another winter storm advisory for Grand Rapids thru the night. We decided to wait until morning. By morning, the weather was clear and the roads were a lot better for driving. Then our car wouldn’t start. The hotel hard someone work on the battery and we were finally headed home again an hour later.
What I learned from all of this
What I learned is that, for now, I never ever want to travel ever again.
I suspect that I may change my mind later but for now I’m not going anywhere.

Post Script
1/31/14. It occurred to me that the problem isn’t with travelling but with returning. I need to stop coming back.

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